Group Poster

Final Version

Here you find now the final version.
Group Poster small.pdf
Will be printed tomorrow like that, if you don't have any further comments.
Thanks to everybody!


Please find here now the latest Version and check, that everything is ok.

Please send me any comments by Thursday morning.


First Draft for the Group Poster

Hi all,
Please download the current version Group Poster (right click here, then "Save Link As …")
Please add your part, and upload the extended version here as well - or give it to me by 11th January 2010.

I will take care about the final version that evening, that we can print it the latest on the 14th.

The AI-file is organised in 8 sections, the upper left section is for a short description of everybody and one section is for each of us.
Each section is a group, so it's easier to find the elements in the layer overview.
Please try to keep this group structure and add your stuff in your group.

Please use AI version 13.0!

If you have any comments or ideas about the layout, let me know as soon as possible!
( It would for example be nice to make the poster a bit more exciting, but I didn't have a good idea so far.)

Have all great holidays!

PS: To see the files, click on the right bottom on Files.

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